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Born in a Dealership®

Every business starts somewhere.
Every business starts somewhere.
We started in a dealership and we've been serving them ever since.

Some start in a garage. Others start in a boardroom. Ours started at Preston Ford.


Early in the digital age, dealer principal Dave Wilson believed his flagship store could sell volume. The problem was thaPreston Ford sat in a town of 800 people. The solution? 


Dave realized his physical lot was no longer as important as his digital lot. By 2007, he had reorganized ad budgets and marketing strategies. His priorities shifted to driving qualified traffic to his website, which he knew would result in foot traffic in his showroom, and he began focusing on new metrics, such as impression share and lead closing ratios. 


By 2008, Dave set his sights on becoming a top volume Ford dealer. In 2019, Preston Ford finished 33rd out of 3,300 dealers nationwide, and Dave’s store in a town of 800 people had become a destination dealership.


Dave saw firsthand that his in-house marketing team knew how to win big. He also knew his team’s origin in a dealership gave it the grassroots knowhow to meet the needs of owners and managers in other locations.


That’s how we were born.

We match the latest A.I. & machine learning technology with our grassroots, dealership knowhow to give you an unfair advantage.

Why do our roots matter to you? We know your day-to-day life. We know what it’s like to need new ideas to drive qualified traffic to your store.


We know the value of a strong relationship with a reliable vendor. We found out the hard way that the honeymoon phase with agencies often ends early. We know we need to bring our best everyday.


We lived the benefit of having a consistent message across all channels and learned how to deliver it. It’s a cliche but the right message to the right audience at the right time makes the difference. We learned the fundamentals in the showroom.

In 2021, Kyle McCracken took the helm as CEO of iFrog. Today, under Kyle’s leadership, we are more than Born in a Dealership®.


We have implemented a single technology stack that is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. By “single stack” we mean that the components of our tech stack communicate with one another through APIs and we can follow the consumer’s journey across marketing channels. Ask us how this advancement benefits you! 


Expanding on our roots in Tier 2, we developed the ability to work at deeper levels with consumer data. Our goal is to bring Tier 2 depth to Tier 3 by using first party data from your site to help build custom audiences on our data management platform. We are bringing precision retail marketing to the showroom.


Reach out! Give us a call! We’d love answer your questions and let you know how we can help turn your dealership into a destination! 

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