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Exercise Your CCPA Rights

Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and our Privacy Policy, you have certain rights regarding your personal information. Those rights include:


•   The right to know: you can request access to your personal information
•   The right to delete: you can ask us to delete your personal information
•   The right to opt-out: you can instruct us to stop certain transfers (“sales” under the CCPA) of your personal information


You can exercise your rights by using the form below or you can also exercise your rights by calling us, toll-free, at 1-800-877-8356.


Whether you use the web form or call us, we will need information from you to process your request. We will need to determine, for example, if we have personal information about you, and for access and deletion requests, we will need to verify your identity. Consequently, we may need to contact you about your request, and you can choose the contact method you would like us to use.


If you wish to exercise your right to opt out of the sale of your personal information, you must do so by both (1) setting your cookie preferences to disallow targeting and advertising cookies and (2) if you believe your name is in a system we maintain such as a CRM, contacting us in one of the other authorized methods to let us know that you wish to exercise your right to opt out


The reason we require two steps is that disallowing tracking and advertising cookies merely sets your cookie preferences on our website. This mechanical process does not associate or match up a unique identifier assigned to a browser with with a named individual in any business system we might maintain, such as our CRM. 


Please be aware there might be circumstances where we will not honor your request, as permitted under the CCPA. For example, we may not delete your personal information if an exception under the CCPA applies. Please see our Privacy Policy for more information. 

If you want an authorized agent to submit a request on your behalf, the authorized agent must provide proof that you gave the authorized agent written permission to submit the request(s) on your behalf. We may also require you to verify your identity with us.


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