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We don't follow the traditional agency path. In fact, we aren't really an agency at all. We're a Solutions Company.

FCA Solutions Powered by A.I.
Proven marketing solutions focused on delivering a sustainable competitive advantage.
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Our mission & values guide us as we fully embrace a pirate culture.
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We Deliver A Tailored Media Plan
Our customized media plans identify customers, streamline increased revenue opportunities & allow us to pivot quickly.

Our FCA Solutions

iFrog Search

fca search ifrog

FCA digital ads supercharged Google & Bing ads with machine learning & artificial intelligence. Our search products allow us to quickly manage multiple campaigns – including branding & micro-moments– while simultaneously delivering increased ROI. 

iFrog Social

fca digital ifrog

Supercharged social media advertising with powerful, eye-catching creative designed to grab the shoppers attention & cause them to engage with your brand. Enhanced by machine learning, our ads are delivered to ready-to-buy shoppers. 

iFrog Display

fca digital ifrog

Supercharged display advertising using tactics like addressable geo-fencing with pinpoint accuracy including conversion zones & event based strategies. We improve the results of TV, direct mail & other campaigns that target specific households.

iFrog Retargeting

fca digital ifrog retargeting

FCA digital retargeting supercharged retargeting by using artificial intelligence’s ability to predict a shopper’s next move & enhance the customers journey. We further enrich retargeting with powerful, eye-catching creative & compelling call to actions at critical moments. 

iFrog Video

fca digital ifrog video

Supercharged video advertising with artificial intelligence across desktops, smartphones, tablets, & connected TV. We ensure premium placement for your ads on a variety of top publishers & top mobile apps. 

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Our Pricing


Pick 1
$ 995 Monthly
  • 1 Solution
  • 1 Model
  • 1 Campaign


Pick 1
$ 1995 Monthly
  • 1 Solution
  • Multi-model
  • Multi-campaign


Pick 3
$ 3995 Monthly
  • 3 Solutions
  • Multi-model
  • Multi-campaign


Pick 5
$ 6500 Monthly
  • 5 Solutions
  • Multi-model
  • Multi-campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

A.I. is the ability of a computer program or machine to think and apply knowledge. A.I. collects & prepares data, makes sense of the data and uses data to answer critical questions such as why consumers abandon online transactions.

Machine learning (ML) is the ability of a computer program or machine to learn and make better decisions. It enables products and solutions to provide a better consumer experience and better business value. ML allows businesses to create real-time predictive that accelerate cost savings and identify revenue opportunities.

30+ predictive algorithms.  What is being predicted? The best time & place for your bid and bid amounts based on performance, with the goal of driving CPC/CPA down and clicks/conversions up

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