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L.E.A.P. is Human Brain Power Meets Artificial Intelligence

iFrog uses artificial intelligence solutions to elevate paid media campaigns with a laser focus on business objectives to transform companies worldwide. Our customized media plans identify customers, streamline increased revenue opportunities & allow us to pivot quickly. We saw this to be critical, especially when companies had to make tough decisions amidst the global pandemic.


By listening to you & understanding the problem facing your business, our team of experts devise a media plan tailored to your business objectives. Then, we employ human & artificial intelligence to execute & deliver results with our Live Exchange Advertising Program (L.E.A.P.).


Your paid media solution is cross device. Regardless of the channel or the device, the campaigns are integrated to seamlessly work together and support your desired business objectives. Consistency of the message & creative coupled with real time optimizations give you a sustainable competitive advantage.


Our digital marketing specialists and rockstar designers work with businesses to create consistent & creative messages that give them a sustainable competitive advantage. Our ads begin to optimize over time with the solution’s machine learning capabilities. Every clicktransaction & interaction is analyzed and interpreted to accelerate cost savings and provide a better consumer experience.

What's Included?


Google & Bing ads powered by machine learning & A.I. Our search solutions allow us to efficiently & quickly manage multiple campaigns while simultaneously delivering increased ROI.

Media Advertising

Powerful, eye-catching creative designed to grab the shoppers’ attention & provoke them to engage with your brand. Enhanced by machine learning, our ads are delivered to ready-to-buy shoppers.

Display Advertising

Addressable geo-fencing with pinpoint accuracy to improve campaigns targeting specific households & retargeting that predicts a shopper’s next move. Both use powerful creative & compelling call-to-actions.

Video Advertising

Video advertising with artificial intelligence across desktops, smartphones, tablets, & connected TV. We ensure premium placement for your ads on a variety of publishers & top mobile apps.

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