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Your Social Media Solution

iFrog Social is Creating Connections Through Engagement​

Your Social Media Solution is more than a post.  It is about connecting & engaging with your audience.  Your localized content plus iFrog’s frequent, powerful posts results in a broader reach & increased engagement.


By coupling relevant messaging & bold creative, we elevate your social media presence while reinforcing your brand

Set up, Manage & Optimize

3.6 billion people or 50% of the world’s population use social media.  Does your business?  Let us set up, manage & optimize your social media pages based off of our knowhow, insights & real time marketing opportunities.  

Branded Posts

Frequent.  Consistent.  High quality.  Our posts create connections through engagement with your local audience to not seek transactions, but to forge meaningful relationships that last.

Monitor Brand

To recommend or not?  Do you know what people are saying about your business?  We provide the inside scoop with our social listening capabilities & support your efforts to make your customers loyal for life.

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We’re not your typical marketing company.

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