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Our People

"Since our inception, I have enjoyed mentoring our leadership team as it’s grown starting with Brent Durham, our COO, who has been with me since day one. Under KT’s leadership, I am confident this is just the beginning for iFrog Marketing Solutions."

-Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson


Dave Wilson is Founder of iFrog Marketing Solutions. Recently inducted into Ford’s Top Volume Hall of Fame, Dave is widely respected in the automotive industry for his out-of-the-box digital and social strategies. When he founded iFrog, his vision was the culmination of years of working tirelessly to develop and refine a system that could move dealerships to the forefront of digital marketing success. Using his previous success with the Preston Automotive Group as a model, Dave now brings his passion for serving dealerships to a much larger scale. His spirit of innovation and desire to exceed client expectations has helped launch iFrog to the industry powerhouse that it is today. 


Dave started his career in 1977 as a salesperson for Preston Ford. After making the transition to ownership, he became the youngest first-generation dealer in the nation. With the help of his management team, he expanded the Preston Automotive Group to nine brands at 16 locations across the Mid-Atlantic region.  Dave has proudly served as Chair for various OEM advisory boards over his career.  His first store, Preston Ford, recently finished #33 in the United States for new Ford sales and #10 in commercial sales.   


Dave has proven that his leadership isn’t confined to just automotive.  As Chairman of the Board of Provident State Bank he has transferred his love for leadership, team building and human performance to the banking industry. Under his leadership the bank continues to experience the largest growth expansion.  As if the automotive and financial verticals weren’t enough, Dave’s real estate holdings company is one of the largest on the Delmarva Peninsula and he has served as a Gold Group Advisor for over 10 years.  As an advisor, Dave has been instrumental in providing strategies on fiscal planning, casting a vision and developing a dynamic marketing plan.  Moreover, Dave has helped the CEO with financial and capital market approaches that have resulted in increased wealth creation for the shareholders as well as the employees.  


Dave’s greatest achievement is his dedication to improving the lives of individuals and their communities. His warm hearted generosity and commitment to service earned him the Salute to Dealer’s Award, a prestigious Ford recognition that shines light on Dave’s dedication and passion for serving others. 


When asked what he likes to do in his free time, he said, “that’s easy.”  “I spend as much time with my amazing family as possible.”  While Dave has held many prestigious titles, he will tell you that the best are husband, dad and poppy.

Keith Tomatore ('KT')

Chief Executive Officer

KT is the Chief Executive Officer at iFrog Marketing Solutions where he has led their transformation from a small digital marketing company to a pioneer in global marketing technology. As CEO, he has reshaped the focus from regional to national in both brand and retail across many different verticals. KT’s continued innovation propelled iFrog to the forefront of the marketing tech landscape. He is driven by a relentless obsession to create a sustainable, competitive advantage for clients. 


As an industry veteran with a strong track record for improving profitability, KT has a reputation for transforming businesses into high-profile powerhouses. His wealth of experience includes holding the post as senior vice president for GTB (formerly Team Detroit) since 2012. He developed and executed Dealer War Rooms for the Ford Dealer Advertising Fund Associations.  As a leader of Precision Retail Marketing, he helped dealers innovate their FDAFs and transform their own digital marketing efforts at Tier 3.


Before joining GTB, KT held leadership positions with a handful of marketing technology companies to guide them with business operations, sales generations, and operating at scale. He worked at Washington Post Newsweek Interactive, where he spent 11 years as the Vice President of Business Operations. His tireless leadership inspired over 140 successful business initiatives a year. He ran the business operations of their four digital properties: Washington Post (washingtonpost.com), Newsweek (newsweek.com), Slate (slate.com), and Budget Travel (budgettravel.com). His guidance and vision transformed Swiss Army Brands from a knife business to a thriving consumer products company with a diversified product portfolio and a thriving business. 


When he isn’t building exponential growth in the marketing technology industry, KT spends his time traveling, working out, and harboring a love for Boston sports teams. 

"We believe that marketing has to work and we build solutions for our clients that do just that. We disrupt the status quo to make the future different, to make the future better and to make the impossible a reality."

-Keith Tomatore

"We are prepared for the future and exponentially increasing the results that we are achieving for our partners."

-Brent Durham

Brent Durham

Chief Operating Officer

Brent Durham, Chief Operating Officer, played an instrumental role in turning iFrog’s vision and strategy into data-proven success. As co-founder of the company, his courage and practical insight helped break down the barriers of the digital marketing landscape so that iFrog Marketing Solutions could compete as a globally-recognized brand. For Brent, enough is never enough. His goal of continuous improvement leaves every department under his leadership better than when it started. 


As key executor, Brent is able to see the forest for the trees. He makes iFrog’s vision a reality by ensuring all moving parts of the day-to-day operation run like a well-oiled machine. He is dedicated to finding and investing in the best talent, and he isn’t satisfied until everyone on the team is living, breathing, and believing in the vision. 


Before co-founding iFrog as COO, Brent was the Internet Director for Preston Automotive. These 12 years laid the groundwork for his uncanny understanding of consistently profitable digital marketing. His knowledge of corporate planning gave him the ability to lead the development of operating plans, budgeting plans, strategic plans, and project plans for the organization.


Brent is passionate about lifelong learning, embracing change, and the great outdoors.

Tim Wilson

President & General Counsel

Tim Wilson serves as President and General Counsel, driving the vision and leadership that has led iFrog Marketing Solutions to ambitious and transformative growth. As the brand continues to evolve and serve customers at a larger scale, his strategic thinking and dedication to the mission helps iFrog deliver on its promises and break into the global market. Tim’s ability to follow through and remain steadfast to the vision creates a culture of innovation and integrity for the entire team.


While practicing law in California prior to joining iFrog, Tim discovered a passionate curiosity for the complex legal aspects of digital marketing. With over 20 years of experience in private practice in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Tim’s sharp knowledge of marketing and advertising law has been a game changer as iFrog enters the global arena. With seamless sophistication, he ensures that iFrog remains compliant in the ever-changing landscape of consumer and data privacy.


On weekends, you can find Tim revitalizing his family farm with the same level-headed demeanor that he brings to the office.

"We are committed to offering cutting edge marketing solutions and to ensuring they comply with an ever-changing regulatory landscape."

-Tim Wilson

"For us, solutions through innovation equals product development. We rethink everything."

-Kyle McCracken

Kyle McCracken

Chief Product Officer

Kyle McCracken, Chief Product Officer, is the innovator behind our Go-To-Market tech solutions that enable our partners to have a sustainable competitive advantage. Full of fresh ideas and endless positivity, Kyle is passionate about building and implementing technology that helps businesses solve problems and get results. Kyle has an impressive history leading analytics and integration for many businesses, from startups to Fortune 10 companies. He is widely recognized in the Managed File Transfer (‘MFT’) and EDI B2B space for modernizing systems so that they are scalable, sustainable, and secure. With infectious enthusiasm, Kyle is always ready to roll up his sleeves and build up his team.


He spends his free time playing guitar, staying fit, spending quality time with his wife and reading up on the latest technology and product trends.

Shelby Loudon

Creative Director

Shelby leads our team of creatives with the passion and intuition of a true artist. She powered the rebranding and transformation of iFrog from local to global, and she takes great pride in the innovative work of her team. As a highly respected creative problem solver, her ability to produce innovative solutions with multi-channeled marketing messages played a large role in many successful rebranding projects. She is passionate about collaboration, brainstorming solutions for clients, and putting storytelling at the forefront of all of her work. Shelby is proud to help clients find and share their voice.


When Shelby is not helping others through her art, she takes joy rides in her Jeep with all of the windows down (even in the middle of winter).

De’Montray Slacum

Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing, De’Montray develops and oversees the execution of iFrog’s initiatives and strategies from the ground up. An experienced and hands-on leader, he has a unique ability to empower and inspire new talent. De’Montray brings an articulate and passionate vision to our digital marketing team. From the creation of an idea to the completion of marketing collateral or a campaign, he lives and breathes marketing strategy. He began his career leading the account management department for iFrog’s newly created digital team. His strategic vision and intuition for what works in specific markets and verticals helped iFrog emerge as a leader in marketing technology. 


De’Montray effortlessly balances corporate leadership and living his best life. He thrives on the energy and culture of a city, but he has a soft spot for the nostalgia of his small hometown.

Angie Wilson McCracken

Director of Brand & Experience

Angie is the Director of Brand and Experience where she is a key driver to our commitment to an exceptional customer journey and brand innovation.  She brings extensive experience in leadership and administration within the education system, and she has a proven track record for transforming the systems within an organization. This unique perspective from the education field has brought a new level of collaboration and community to iFrog’s growing team.  Her cutting edge work in leadership, learning, and driving change has helped build a thriving company culture while developing seamless processes for delivering high-performing services to clients. With flawless communication skills and a tireless passion for motivating and developing teams, Angie is highly respected as an innovator and change agent both in and out of the office.


She spends her free time reading, practicing yoga and enjoying quality time with her family and friends (aka her tribe). 

Emily Fryer

Director of Accounts

Emily Fryer is the Director of Accounts where she is a highly-skilled leader with extensive experience in digital marketing in both the corporate and non-profit sector. She works with team members to improve upon and streamline every process at iFrog, ensuring continuous growth and seamless internal and external communication. She believes that empowering others and recognizing the strengths of individuals builds a team that can solve any problem, big or small. Emily brings 10 years of industry knowledge to her role at iFrog. She was a Website Producer for Aeropostale and worked on the digital marketing team at Barnes and Noble. 


When Emily is not expertly leading the accounts team, she enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors with her two daughters.

Colleen Graczyk

Director of Client Strategy

Colleen has over 10 years of experience in brand transformation and product extensions. Due to her strategic thought process and data intuition, she was one of the first females to break into Ford Tier 2 advertising for J.Walter Thompson. In her current role as Director of Client Strategy, she expertly uses data and analytics to improve client results and meet business objectives. With a unique blend of no-nonsense leadership and an uncanny ability to transform data into actionable insights, Colleen’s leadership sets a high standard for continuous innovation. 


When not crunching numbers, Colleen can be found cultivating her creative side. In her free time, she started her own decorating and painting business where she is fulfilling her dream of creating contemporary art on canvas.

Lisa Hubbard

Director of Administration

Lisa brings a wealth of internet marketing and business administration experience to the team. She coordinates off-site events, ensures customer satisfaction, and manages the day-to-day details with impeccable organization and finesse. She is involved in almost every project, fostering a culture of belonging and positivity in the workplace. As the heartbeat of the office, Lisa nurtures all aspects of iFrog and helps to move the company forward. She is serious about serving both our clients and our team members, making sure every customer she interacts with has the best experience possible. 


Lisa is passionate about volunteer work and serving the youth in our community.

Morgan Dalidenas

Human Resources

Morgan manages recruitment, benefits administration and onboarding to help the iFrog team find and grow new talent. She is detail-oriented and has a positive, forward-thinking approach to collaboration and company culture. Prior to joining iFrog, Morgan worked in corporate recruiting and human resources, where she implemented policies and procedures that helped local organizations scale their impact. 


In her free time, Morgan appreciates the simple joys of motherhood.

Ashley Vance


Ashley manages accounting and payroll, making sure all transactions, big and small, are accurate. She developed an accounting system that is both efficient and scalable, and she is passionate about researching and implementing new systems that contribute to iFrog’s growth and transformation. Ashley brings 8 years of accounting experience, including senior positions at both Enterprise and APG Media of Chesapeake. 


When she is not managing finances, she enjoys rescuing old furniture and repurposing it into refinished treasures.

Lee Stetson


Lee is a master of all things software and technology. His extensive experience in business analytics and web development helps our team turn product creation visions into a reality. From start to finish, Lee oversees the design process, building, coding, and deploying live products. His rare ability to see both the forest and the trees ensures that the big picture is always clear while small details are never overlooked. 


Lee is an avid reader and lifelong learner, always working to grow a tree of knowledge.

Erin Williamson

Senior FCA Lead

Erin is the Senior FCA Lead where she oversees our valued partnerships with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and builds strong networks with regions throughout the country. Erin brings over 8 years of experience as an account manager, including a wide breadth of knowledge to articulate the unique marketing and business goals of the FCA. She is passionate about building strong, genuine relationships and connecting with partners on a human level. 


Erin is an avid reader who absorbs knowledge like a sponge. She lives on a makeshift farm and dreams of writing her own novel.

CJ Barnes

Senior Media Strategist

CJ is the Senior Media Strategist where he oversees media purchasing to ensure accuracy and best meet our clients’ campaign needs. He is passionate about iFrog’s core value, that promises made are promises kept. He believes that the best results come from transparency with clients and making adjustments along the way. 

CJ regularly draws on his previous experience as a freelancer in film production as well as his time on stage as a dedicated thespian. His favorite role so far is playing bad-guy Beadle Banford in the production Sweeney Todd.

Art Pier

Senior Media Strategist

Art Pier is Senior Media Strategist where he designs and implements marketing plans to meet clients’ needs and exceed their expectations. He is passionate about collaborating with a mission-driven team to ensure client satisfaction. He believes that a solid plan and seamless communication are key to achieving incredible results. Whether Art is sharing his knowledge or strategizing across departments, he always looks for the positive in any situation.

James Marvel


James works meticulously with data and presents it in clear and insightful ways. His savvy approach to website metrics results in confident and data-supported decisions that improve performance and client satisfaction. James is passionate about tightening up the details to find the real story in the numbers. Before joining iFrog, he played an integral role in the website migration for the University of Maryland Shore Regional Health. 


As a die-hard Washington Capitals fan, James lives and breathes hockey.

Chris Quindlen


Chris manages the overall SEO strategy and SEO development. He believes in SEO as a tool to improve user experience and help people find exactly what they are looking for. He grew up with a deep affinity for all things digital, and he gifted himself a free and self-guided education in SEO through a series of trial and error. 


Chris is a self-proclaimed sports junky and lifts weights in his free time.

Ayman Alam

Executive Editor

Ayman is the Executive Editor where he demonstrates a commitment to elevate the quality of writing and build on iFrog’s bold entrance into the global market. Ayman exudes confident leadership in the way he nurtures talent, makes bold decisions, and evolves iFrog’s approach to innovative content. He brings nearly 15 years of journalism experience to the team. Through his early career, he advanced at lightning speed from freelance reporter to an award-winning sports journalist and editor for The Star Democrat, one of the longest-running publications in the U.S.


Originally from Bangladesh and via Brooklyn, Ayman is an avid Yankees fan who is still powered by the vibrant energy of the city that never sleeps.

Madison Fox

Senior Design Manager

Madison is a Senior Design Manager where she is able to direct her love for collaboration and innovation to generate new and inspiring design ideas. Bringing over 10 years of artistic experience including animation, freelance design, and illustration, she exudes a leader’s craft and work ethic that inspires the design team. Always curious and open to different points of view, Madison believes that the most brilliant work happens when diverse perspectives converge.


A true designer, artist, and musician, Madison is ecstatic to get paid to do what she loves. When she is not creating, she enjoys hanging out at home with her cats.

Crystal Loudon

Social Media Manager

Crystal is the Social Media Manager where she is dedicated to providing an engaging social media presence for our clients. As a champion for branding and innovative content, she understands why posts resonate and how to build strong connections with a target audience. Crystal draws not only on her B.A. in Psychology from the University of Delaware, but also her passion for wordplay and creating a voice to produce epic results. 


Crystal’s bucket list includes a trip to Europe and a visit to every National Park in the United States.

Dorian Mitchell

Content Manager

Dorian is the Content Manager where he is driven by his desire to generate relevant, engaging content for clients that incorporates SEO strategy and drives organic traffic to their websites. He positions himself as an innovator in finding imaginative and creative ways to use content to help clients achieve their goals. Passionate about storytelling, Dorian brings 5 years of journalism experience and a number of awards for his stories and photography. These include First and Second Place in different story categories, along with Best Photo Gallery.


When Dorian is not developing content plans and strategies, you can find him devouring books, exploring new destinations and hanging out with his dog, Gideon.