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Your Paid Media Solution

L.E.A.P. is Human Brain Power Meets Artificial Intelligence

By listening to you & understanding the problem facing your business, our team of experts devise a media plan tailored to your business objectives.  Then, we employ human & artificial intelligence to execute & deliver results with our Live Exchange Advertising Program (L.E.A.P.).


Your paid media solution is cross channel & cross device.  Regardless of the channel or the device, the campaigns are integrated to seamlessly work together and support your desired business objectives.  Consistency of the message & creative coupled with real time optimizations give you a sustainable competitive advantage.


Google & Bing ads powered by machine learning & A.I. Our search solutions allow us to efficiently & quickly manage multiple campaigns while simultaneously delivering increased ROI.

Media Advertising

Powerful, eye-catching creative designed to grab the shoppers’ attention & provoke them to engage with your brand. Enhanced by machine learning, our ads are delivered to ready-to-buy shoppers.

Display Advertising

Addressable geo-fencing with pinpoint accuracy to improve campaigns targeting specific households & retargeting that predicts a shopper’s next move. Both use powerful creative & compelling call-to-actions.

Video Advertising

Video advertising with artificial intelligence across desktops, smartphones, tablets, & connected TV. We ensure premium placement for your ads on a variety of publishers & top mobile apps.