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Advertising to reach greater performance with custom audiences

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Analyzing & reacting in real-time 24/7

Data Intelligence

Technology that appends valuable and unique data to mobile IDs

Predictive Intelligence

Change consumer behavior with over 30 sophisticated predictive algorithms

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We're not your typical marketing company

Innovation begins with a small group of big thinkers who aren’t afraid to do things differently.

This is where our journey begins.

We are a marketing solutions company with the technology knowhow and creative adaptability to transform any business through a more personalized, customer-focused experience.

At iFrog Marketing Solutions, we’ve come a long way from our early days as a small team supporting local business owners with their digital marketing efforts. We cast status quo to the wind and boldly reimagined the way we serve our clients. We now live at the intersection of marketing and technology (and we couldn’t be more excited about where we are headed).

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Reasons people choose our company

We challenge the status quo & demand the best from each other. Our team consists of a diverse group of people striving to create a sustainable competitive advantage for our partners all while celebrating our diversity.

1-on-1 Communication

Backed by a team of experts working collaboratively

Planning Collectively

Goal-setting with agility to pivot


New ideas to drive innovations with a focus on business outcomes

Let's build something awesome together.

Explore our careers page to see what iFrog is all about. See what we have to say about working for a company that embraces change and invests in individuals and teams.

A.I. is the ability of a computer program or machine to think and apply knowledge. A.I. collects & prepares data, makes sense of the data and uses data to answer critical questions such as why consumers abandon online transactions.

Machine learning (ML) is the ability of a computer program or machine to learn and make better decisions. It enables products and solutions to provide a better consumer experience and better business value. ML allows businesses to create real-time predictive that accelerate cost savings and identify revenue opportunities.

30+ predictive algorithms.  What is being predicted? The best time & place for your bid and bid amounts based on performance, with the goal of driving CPC/CPA down and clicks/conversions up

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We’re not your typical marketing company.

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